This was written by Cole :Hey guys! What’s up? I’m Cole Pendery. I was born in the Great Ole’ State of Texas. I grew up and attended school in the small town of Midlothian, just south of Dallas. There isn’t much to do in a small town, so my parents signed me up to play soccer. I started playing at the ripe old age of 4. I loved the sportsmanship and the camaraderie of a team. It was then that I learned the true meaning of “teamwork.” If I wasn’t doing homework, you could find me on the soccer field.

It wasn’t until 6th grade that I discovered my love for performing, on the stage with my school choir. I have always loved to be in the spotlight and make people laugh. At the end of 8th grade, I sat down with my parents and told them that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. At first, they just thought it was a silly dream but after much persistence on my part they finally took it seriously. I was determined to do this. In the summer of 2010, my mom and I set out for Los Angeles and I began working!

I am so blessed to have such amazing parents who believe in me and my dream. They support me 100%, no matter what I do. It gets tough sometimes because my father works tirelessly on his dream back in Dallas so we are not able to be together much of the time, but the time I do get to spend with him, I cherish every bit. He is my role model and I hope to grow up and be as great of a man as he is.

About a month after the move, I was told about an audition for the band that was being put together by 3 very influential men in the entertainment industry: Simon Fuller, Jamie King and Perez Hilton. The audition was for the band now known as IM5, and I am honored to say that I am a member of this team. But those words “band” or “team” or whatever else you can call us doesn’t really describe what we truly are. We are a family, 5 brothers living our dreams together. I feel so blessed to have these guys in my life. I can always count on them for anything.

I am so looking forward to what the future holds because whatever it is, it will be an amazing ride. I hope to soon see “IM5″ become world-renowned and I hope we can be positive role models for kid – to know that they can follow their dreams as we all have!

When I’m not in rehearsal with the band and I have some free time, I love to just spend time with my friends or go do fun stuff with the guys. I like to have a good time in everything I do, and even though I have this amazing job, I am still a normal kid just like everybody else. And just like everybody else, I am always glued to my phone and texting my friends or playing Xbox. And I do, on occasion, get in trouble by my mom for it. Ha ha! I like to live by the motto of “live everyday like it is your last” and “no regrets.” IM all about having fun and always have a smile on my face.

I want to thank everyone for all the amazing support that you have given me throughout my life: family, friends, teachers, mentors and my current bosses, I don’t know where I would be without you. I love you all very much! Thank you.
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This was written by Dalton :What’s up, y’all? So, a little bit about me!
I was born in Memphis, TN, but I moved to Dallas, TX with my family when I was 2.  I call Sunnyvale, TX home. I have always loved music. My Grandma signed me up for my first guitar lesson when I was 11, but I got really bored just learning to play for myself, so I asked my parents to sign me up for a local rock school.  I’ll never forget the feeling that I got when I was on stage for the first time. I knew it was for me. I played tons of gigs, from small clubs to sporting events in huge arenas, and I loved every minute of performing with the School of Rock in Frisco, TX.

At home, I used to be in a band with several friends, called Fly Away Hero. I played bass guitar and sang lead vocals. We actually had a pretty good following and in 2010, we were even voted into the semi-finals of the NAAM/School Jam Best Teen Band in America competition. When I got a call to come out to LA I had just been accepted to the prestigious Booker T Washington High School for the Visual and Performing Arts. It was an amazing school and if you have ever seen the movie Fame, that’s sort of what it felt like. I didn’t stay there long because I headed out to LA for the IM5 audition and it has been a crazy experience ever since! My Dad moved out to LA with me and my Mom stayed behind, with my sisters and my boxer, Max.

It’s hard living apart from the rest of my family but I really appreciate the sacrifice they are all making for me. I think I have the best job in the world and can’t believe that I get to wake up every day and play music with so many talented people. We rehearse and spend a lot of time at the studio, but it doesn’t feel like work because we have so much fun together. To be honest, I never really saw myself dancing or doing pop music and those who know me well can attest to that! But I am really glad that I was given the chance to do this because it opened my mind to a whole different type of music. We are all really different and I think that’s a good thing. I think each of us try to put a little bit of our own style into each song we do.

When I’m not working, I like to hang out and play video games or just sit and listen to music. I could sit in a dark room and listen to music for days and not think about anything else. My favorite food is from Chipotle and I swear to you I could eat that for every single meal. If I had to pick a favorite color, I guess it would be clear. My short-term goal is for IM5 to be on every girl’s pillowcase. My long-term goal is world domination. ; )

I love my family, I love my friends, and I just love life!

This was written by Dana:Hey everyone! My name is Dana Vaughns, II. I’m 14 years old and originally from a small town near Pittsburgh, PA (BLACK AND GOLD ALL DAY)!

Just a little bit about me… I love having fun! I truly enjoy singing, dancing, and acting. When I’m not doing those things, I love hanging with my friends, family, and playing basketball, golf, and video games. However, I know when it’s time to “work” and get down to “business”.

I started this whole entertainment thing when I was 10 years old, but I had an interest in performing and showing people my talent at the age of 7. From there I took dance and singing lessons and I remember always wanting to just draw everyone’s attention to me!!

So, as life went on, I got more serious about my craft. My wonderful parents realized my passion early on and I’m so thankful that my family had the means to move me out to L.A. It’s unfortunate that my father has to stay back in South Carolina (where I previously lived before I moved to LA), but I appreciate both of my parents. My mom is always there for moral support when no one else is there for me. Also, my mom is willing to take me where I need to go so I can exceed in my craft. Without my parents, I surely wouldn’t be in this amazing situation!

As you know, I’m in a band called “IM5″ and I’m absolutely crazy about being in this band!! I mean, wouldn’t you enjoy hangin’ with 4 other dudes that feel like they’re your brothers and be able to tell them anything? I know I’m glad that I have four people in my life like that!

So, looking into the future of “IM5″, I just wish us much success. I hope that when it’s all said and done, I can say I had an effect on the world!

I also want to stay close with my bandmates for many years to come!! Eventually, I want my kids to look up to me not only for being a successful artist, but as a person that keeps strong bonds with people who I truly love!!

Just so you get to know me a little better….. I’m a Capricorn and I’m also an only child!! My favorite color is red and I love shoes!!

Like I said, I enjoy hanging with friends! If we went out to eat, I would probably grab a Philly Cheese steak!!! Then to top it off, I’d have a little sherbet for dessert!

So, I think you have a pretty good understanding of who I am now… as a person and a performer!! Thanks for reading!


This was written By Will:
I was born in Los Angeles, California on June 18, 1996. Music has always been a huge part of my life.

I started playing the piano when I was 4. I also made the transition from screaming toddler to actual singer at one point. My parents are probably grateful for that. Then came the countless community theater productions. I was rehearsing for some show practically every weekend.

After I learned what the word “cool” meant, I started to branch out into more genres of music. I love a variety of music, but my heart is in R&B and Gospel. Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding are just a few of my favorites. Throw in some singer/songwriters like John Mayer and Jason Mraz, some alternative rock like The Script, some retro soul like Adele and Dionne Bromfield, some old school hip hop like A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul and Run-DMC and you have my iTunes library.

Wanting to perform anywhere with a microphone led me to acting jobs in film and television. I’ve also won singing competitions and piano scholarships in Southern California. More recently, I’ve started playing the guitar and writing and producing my own songs.

I never really pictured myself in a group until now. I can honestly say that being in IM5 is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It’s great to be on a team where everyone respects and supports each other. We all bring different personalities and different styles to create a unique sound that I think separates us from the other groups out there.

We’re a brotherhood as much as we are a band, and I think that will play into our success as a group.

When it comes down to it, and you strip away all the lights, the dancing, the clothes and the harmonies, IM5 is just five guys who want to share our common love of music with all of you. Hopefully we will get to do that for a long time.Source:

This was written by Gabe:
Yo! What’s up? It’s Gabriel Morales. I’m 16 years old. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I’m Cuban and Venezuelan! I dance a little, sing a little, and act a little, but lets not talk about that! lol.

Some fun facts about me are:

My fave color is yellow.
My fave clothing store is Joy Rich.
I have no middle name!
My fave restaurant is Umami Burger. (It might only be on the west coast!)
My fave artist is Chris Brown.
I don’t like scary movies…they’re scary.
My fave movie is The Perfect Game! (look it up, lol)
My fave boyband is IM5..they’re pretty awesome.
I’m a Mac not a PC!
My fave video game is anything batman or COD.
I’m a werewolf.
My fave superhero is Batman!
My fave TV show is How I Met Your Mother. It’s legen-…wait for it…-dary!
Oh, and I’m Gucci.

And, last but not least, IM5. My dreams for our group are out of this world and I absolutely see myself on stage with them in the near future venturing out on worldwide tours, meeting our amazing fans, and influencing people our age around the world to pursue their dreams and persevere.

Well, that was interesting.
The End.


IM5 is an amazing boyband brought together by showbiz vets Simon Fuller, Jamie King and Perez Hilton.
The members of IM5 are Cole Alan Pendery , Dalton Rapattoni, William ( Will) Jay , Gabriel ( Gabe Morales and Dana Vaughns.

The band has already about a year together, they have vocal and dance training.
They are currently working on theri debut album and fine-tuning their live performances. Stay Tuned!